Quakeshit.com Server Rules

As a guest on the Quakeshit gaming servers, you as a player are expected to abide by the rules and guidelines listed below.

Cheating and Bots:
Any aimbot, game assist bot, or any other type of assistance that would give a player an unfair advantage over other players is 100% not tolerated on Quakeshit gaming servers. Anyone found guilty of using any type of cheating device, will be permanently banned from all Quakeshit servers, as well as servers outside the Quakeshit network. Simply do not do this.

Humility & Honor:
All players are reminded that during their stay on Quakeshit, they are a guest of the server, and should act accordingly. Spamming, flaming, trash talk and general obnoxious behavior will lead to being kicked and possibly banned. Players are also reminded that the servers are not IRC chat. Please take any ongoing conversations elsewhere, as they are distracting to other players. Users who are guilty of breaking any of these policies, will be warned and possibly kicked. If the actions continue, it will lead to a ban.

Examples Of Common Situations Encountered:
* If a player is beating you up pretty bad, take the loss in stride and complement your opponent on a well played game. Do not respond to a loss with low rate personal attacks, complaining, etc. This only makes you look bad, and will eventually lead to a ban.

* If you are winning, do not gloat about your superior skill or score. Congratulate your opponent on a game well played, and look forward to your next match. Sore winners are worse than sore losers, and they will be dealt with in the same standard.

* Any player found guilty of having an overtly cocky attitude, talking excessive trash, shooting other players on their own team for items / etc will only be warned once. This is not an example of fair gameplay, and these players will be dealt with accordingly.

Have Fun:
The entire reasons that the servers are here is for the enjoyment of the community. If you find that you are not having fun due to another players actions, please contact a Quakeshit admin in #quakeshit as soon as possible.